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Welcome to the framing centre.

We are a Northampton based company with retail outlets in Milton Keynes, and Horsham. We specialise in high quality picture framing services for both retail and corporate clients.

Bespoke framing is our speciality, in particular framing of sporting mementoes, medals, needlework and 3-dimensional items to name a few. We carry an extensive range of quality wooden and aluminium mouldings from Spain and Italy.

In our stores, we stock a vast range of ready made frames, mounts and novelty frames all off the shelf as well as an exciting and extensive range of mirrors, pictures, prints and canvases. Our regular customers particularly value our personal service and competitive pricing structure. All our work is of the highest quality workmanship and carried out by our fully professional team of framers using the latest picture framing equipment.

Established in 2000, The Framing Centre provides one of the largest range of quality wooden picture frames available in the UK. Our skilled staff manufacture over 5,000 frames every month.

All work is carried out on the premises in our 5000 sq. foot gallery and workshop, which enables us to ensure that our products are manufactured to the highest standards of craftsmanship and available at attractive prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Giclee is a french word meaning "to spray". Ink-jet technology specifically for fine art reproduction. The ink-jet printer produces over four million droplets of ink, each second, that combine to form more than two thousand shades of colour. The information controlling the jets comes directly from a computer - no printing film or plates are required. The computer's information is scanned directly from the artist's original work. This modern method of creating reproductions is gaining in popularity because of it's ability to closely resemble the original.

Conservation framing is the careful maintenance and protection of works of art. In conservation (preservation) framing, using materials and procedures that will have no adverse effects on a piece of artwork and will protect the artwork.

Original as defined by the dictionaries: Preceding all others in time; first. Any work considered to be an authentic creation by an artist, rather than a copy, reproduction or imitation. Original comes from the word origin. Origin: the place where something begins, where it springs into being.

A reproduction of an original work of art that is signed and sequentially numbered by the artist and is limited to a certain quantity of numbered copies. The first number indicates the number of the piece; the second number indicates the total quantity of the edition, e.g., 135/250.

A poster is an inexpensive printed copy of a piece of artwork in unlimited quantities. Generally four-color lithographic reproductions of a painting, usually with coloured borders and wording on or around the image to advertise an artist, show or event. This art medium comes from the ancient practice of "posting" messages in public places.



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Milton Keynes

Kingston Centre
Unit 14 Winchester Circle
Milton Keynes
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182-184 Wellingborough Road

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Swan Walk Shopping Centre
29 Springfield Court
RH12 1PT

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