Title : ‘Ritual II’

Limited Edition 9/45

Image Size 40 x 30 ”


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Aiden Kringen’s body of work is comprised of expressionist brushwork, geometric patterns, and the grace and beauty of the human form.

Born in 1992, he began developing his own vision and sense of aesthetics, shaped in large part by the early artistic influences he was exposed to from a young age. Volumes depicting the work of such artists as Schiele, Brancusi, and Hundertwasser filled the bookshelves of his childhood. Located in the beautiful Sonoma County, Aiden spent countless hours drawing and studying the human form. He took inspiration from a multitude of artistic movements and styles but was mainly drawn to abstract expressionism and traditional classicism. Artists such as Franz Kline and Willem de Kooning informed his abstract configurations, and inspired a use of bold-brush strokes and the expression of these shapes on large canvases, while those such as Bernini and Caravaggio showcased the drama and intensity in which the figure could be portrayed.

While exposure to the giants of art history filled his mind’s eye, he simultaneously developed a love for the line and its power in defining forms. Aiden filled sketchbooks throughout his youth and worked to combine both line and color, figure and form when he began painting. Linework began to encapsulate large, rectilinear areas of color and translucent washes of paint, forming shapes as sharp edged as broken planes of glass. By the age of 20, he was gaining attention on a local and international level. His figurative works, which began with a strictly abstract approach in his youth, quickly developed into a formal, classical portrayal, using abstraction in the enveloping environments that surround his figures, as seen in his current body of works.

In 2019, Kringen’s work was included in the monumental exhibition “Disrupted Realism” curated by John Seed and featured artists such as Ann Gale, Alex Kanevsky, and others. His work has been exhibited throughout the US and Europe. Aiden Kringen lives and works in Sonoma County with his wife and their two sons.


Aiden Kingen – ‘ Ritual II’